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Unofficial rules compendium

Class Abilities

Alignment Proximity

In addition to normal alignment proximity, the neutral alignment is considered one step away from all other alignments. This means that a neutral cleric can worship any deity, and that a neutral deity can have worshipers of any alignment.

Nature Domains

In as far as clerics of certain religions can be considered "nature themed", they get access to animal and terrain domains.

Variant Channeling

Variant Channeling Domain-based channeling abilities.

Cleric Spell List Additions

The cleric spell list is used by the cleric to level 9, the oracle to level 9, the sacerdote to level 9, and the warpriest to level 6.

Level 0 attract attention, benign dispel, bleeding wound, blind spot, brand, create tool, crack, daze, disrupt undead, flare, forced quiet, ground mist, honeyed words, invoke anxiety, merciful insight, paroxysm, penumbra, spiritual strike, stall flight (lesser), summon zero, touch of vertigo.

Level 1 adjuring step, anticipate peril, bone armor, cure light wounds, discern next of kin, disguise weapon, fireflies, inflict light wounds, interrogation, invigorate, keep watch, litany of sloth, litany of weakness, lock gaze, peacebond, protection from evil, resistance (greater), righteous blood, rouse undead I, sense sin, shadow fighting, unerring weapon.

Level 2 accelerate poison, animal messenger (patron's animal only), castigate, confess, coordinated effort, feather step, fester, force sword (patron's weapon type), ghostly disguise, halt undead, haunting mists, heightened awareness, howling agony, ill omen, placebo effect, qualm, restful sleep, rage, rouse undead II, unseen musician, wartrain mount.

Level 3 ancestral advice, cast out, dream shield, feign death, gallant inspiration, haunting choir, heroism, hidden speech, honeyed tongue, invigorate (mass), litany of entanglement, litany of dependability, litany of duty, litany of order, litany of righteousness, litany of warding, minor dream, paranoia, pierce disguise, purge spirit, retribution, rouse undead III, shadow fighting (mass), stall flight.

Level 4 animal ambassador (patron's animal only), banish seeming, banishing blade, crushing despair, dream, fearsome duplicate, feather step (mass), good hope, interrogation (greater), keen edge, litany of admonition, litany of eloquence, litany of sight, named bullet, overwhelming grief, peacebond (greater), rouse undead IV, tireless pursuers, transfer enchantment, true form unbearable brightness.

Level 5 absorb toxicity, age resistance (lesser), battlemind link, brand (greater), castigate (mass), denounce, devil contract, explosion of rot, feast on fear, grand destiny, grove of respite, litany of escape, quench, rouse undead V, shadowform, singing sword curse, telepathic bond, wall of light, true seeing.

Level 6 blood boil, feign death (greater), fester (greater), forced repentance, foster hatred, heroism (greater), incorporeal chains, litany of thunder, litany of vengeance, nightmare, rouse undead VI, unwilling shield, vengeful outrage.

Level 7 age resistance, blazing rainbow, brilliant inspiration, crime wave, decapitate, dream council, legend lore, litany of madness, magic phalanx, living monolith curse, named bullet (greater), rouse undead VII, sabotage construct, unconscious agenda, waves of exhaustion.

Level 8 control undead, foresight, insanity, life of crime, legendary proportions, magic army, rouse undead VIII, teleport beacon.

Level 9 age resistance (greater), demand, heroic invocation, iron body, rouse undead IX.

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