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This is a weapon data page for Action.

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One-handed clockwork melee weapon

Hands: 1H
Size: Small
Tech: Clockwork
Type: Melee
Range: Reach
Damage: +3 Blunt
Properties: Entangle, great blow, improvised, offhand strike

Simply a heavy chain (such as a motorcycle drive chain) or a weight fastened to a cord or chain - the later version is called a slungshot. The Kyotetsu-shoge is a similar ninja weapon, with a dagger or sharpened ring instead of the weight (doing slashing or piercing damage). It is slung with a punching motion or twirled, and can be used to strike and entangle. Mostly famous with motorcycle gangs, it was also popular with 19th century gangs as well as ninja and other warriors of subterfuge because it is lethal and easy to conceal and improvise. It is often attached to another weapon and used as an offhand compliment to another weapon, or two of them can be wielded together or the two lengths of chain or cord are combined into a longer one that is only one object but still counts as two different weapons.