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Celene is the small moon that is only visible around the seasonal festivities, a psychopomp and goddess of mysteries and the Shadowfell. Unlike her sister Luna, she is unfailingly honest; her messages can be faint and hard to understand but are never false.

To the Elves, she is the goddess of travel, the goddess of hope and subtle influence.

To the Flan the mysterious small moon represents renewal and roads not yet traveled. She leads ever on without revealing where.

A few apocalyptic cultists worship her as the goddess of the end times. It is said that Celene slowly approaches Oerth, growing ever larger as she approaches. After untold millennia, long after Luna has drifted away, Celene will be a large face in the sky and witness the end of the world and act as the psychopomp of Oerth herself.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Weapon: Dart

Pathfinder Domains

Darkness (Moon), Liberation, Repose (Souls), Travel, Void (Stars).

Pathfinder Traits

Action Domains

Darkness, Death, Life, Light, Spiritual.