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A capriccio is a master of chaos that leaves monsters in his wake as telltale signs of his passing. Not content with what nature provides, the cappricio plants new creatures and new ideas. Some do this out of whimsy and to inspire new things, others do so to sow discord. Capriccio's are associated with fey but unlike other fey allies they are not friends of nature and usually abhorred by druids.

Class Information

This is a summoner archetype.

Alignment Capriccios cannot be of lawful alignments.

Hit Die: d8.

Class Features

The capriccio has all the summoner's class features, except as described here.

Summon Nature’s Ally (Sp)

Starting at 1st level, a capriccio can cast summon nature’s ally I a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. At levels where a summoner would gain a more powerful summon monster spell as a spell-like ability, he instead gains the equivalent summon nature’s ally spell. At 19th level, he can use summon nature’s ally IX or gate.

Remove all summon monster spells from the capriccio's spell list and add the corresponding summon nature's ally spells.

This ability otherwise functions like the standard summoner's summon monster I ability and replaces that ability.

Fey Summons (Su)

The capriccio gains Summon Fey Ally as a bonus feat at level 1.

Free Summons (Sp)

When a cappricio has a creature summoned using a summon nature's ally spell or ability, he can use that spell or ability again in order to change the conjuration (summoning) effect into a conjuration (calling) effect. This gives the effect an instantaneous duration and the creature becomes a permanent part of the world. It cannot be dispelled or banished. The capriccio has no control over such a creature. It starts with a friendly attitude towards the cappricio, but is otherwise free to act as its nature dictates. If the place the creature is called to is a suitable environment, the creature might settle there, but it is just as likely to go on a wild spree. Creatures created this way have the knowledge typical of their kind, but lack living experience and often act immaturely.


Summon Fey Ally (General)

Prerequisites: Summon nature's ally spell or ability, non-lawful alignment.

Benefit: Add the following creatures to the list you can summon with summon nature's ally. Spell-like abilities with a duration other than instantaneous used by fey allies are dispelled when summon nature's ally ends.

Summon nature’s ally I: grimple (gremlin)B4, fuath (gremlin)B3, jinkin (gremlin)B2, grigB2 (no fiddle), haniver (gremlin) B4, spriteB3, primordial weasel.

Summon nature’s ally II: atomieB3, brownieB2, corby (dire)B3, faunB3 (no pipes), grindylowB2, gathlainB4, zoogB3.

Summon nature’s ally III: forlarrenB2, jack-o'-lanternB4, nixieB3, nuglub (gremlin)B2, pookaB4, seps (juveline)B4, slurkB2.

Summon nature’s ally IV: adaroB3, amphisbaenaB2, fey giant toadB3, living topiaryB4, quicklingB2, perytonB2, twigjackB2.

Summon nature’s ally V: bagiennikB5, blodeuweddAP33, lampadB4, leucrottaB2, manticore, pixie, redcapB2, swan maidenB4.

Summon nature’s ally VI: encantadoB5, hangman treeB2, oceanidB4, remorhaz, sangoiB5, veelaB5 (air, earth, fire, water).

Summon nature’s ally VII: adletB3, aurumvoraxB2, giant flytrap, ijiraqB4, nuckelaveeB3, nymph, rukhB4, sargassum fiendB3.

Summon nature’s ally VIII: catoblepasB2, frost wormB2, lukwataB3, sepsB4, sleipnirB3.

Summon nature’s ally IX: akhlutB3, ankouB4, seaweed sirenB4, viper vineB2.

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