Alternate Dice Rolling Methods (Action)

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Some players prefer alternate ways of rolling dice in Action; here are some examples.

Standard Roll

This is statistically identical tot he normal standard roll.

Roll two six sided dice. The dice should be marked; one is the positive die and one is the negative die. Read the lower of the two dice; this is the result of the roll. If the two dice are the same, the result is +0. If the higher dice is a six, you get an exploding result; roll and additional d6 and add to the result. This additional die is open-ended normally, that is keep rolling and adding as long as you roll sixes.

Confident rolls and special results work just as normal.


Rather than calculating the outcome of a successful roll, just make a confident roll and read the result of the outcome. If the difficulty of the original roll was less than your skill, add the difference to the result.

This is not statistically identical to the original rule, but the difference is not that great.